VPN Common Questions

PPTP VPN is widely used all over the world, but also many people experience connection issue because of multiple protocols (both GRE port 47 and TCP port 1723) involved in this standard.

Here you can find the most answers for common VPN questions when using Free US & NL VPN services in Windows 8, Mac Leopard OSX, iPhone 5 iOS 6 or even Samsung Note 2 Android Phone.


Q: Do I need to install any extra software on my computer?

A: No! All PPTP Client software you need is already installed on your PC or smartphone as standard built-in features. You can simply check our "Setup VPN" page and follow the step-by-step instructions to configure the free VPN account in your network devices and start using the North America or Europe super high quality VPN connections. This makes sure your always get a fast, clean and SpyWare free type of VPN sessions for maximum online safety and security.

Q: Are you sure you guys are offering 'Unlimited Bandwidth' Free VPN connection service?

A: Absolutely YES. When we say it, we mean it. You can use our free VPN sessions for as long time as you want, on as many devices as you need - simultaneously. We don't count the total bandwidth you consume, and we don't coun the total time you are online with the VPN connections. You will have a 100% worry-free VPN experience to do whatever you want for your daily online browsing life. We hope this is the only VPN service you really need for everyday's web surfing activities.

Q: Can I use your VPN to watch USA ABC and UK BBC online TV? Because those online video channels block visitors from international countries.

A: 100% YES. This is one of the major usage our visitor choose our service for their daily internet life - Watching online videos and listening streaming music from United States and United Kingdom. Our VPN has more than 5Mbit/s download capacity for each VPN session so it's fast enough to watch the online HD format videos without much caching waiting time.

Q: I can't connect to any web site after established the VPN connection, is there any problem in the VPN service?

A: Every time after the VPN is connected, make sure try to access website like or to confirm your VPN session is fully activated. 

Q: Can I use your Free VPN servers for any online activity without limit or restriction?

A: Sorry, there are certain terms of services that everyone should agree before using our VPN services, which are:

  • not using the service to attack or attempted attack (such as hacking, breaking a firewall, etc.) at any other computer, server, Internet network or other technical devices, including software, that are connected to the Internet;
  • not using the service to endanger or damage in any way the Provider’s or a third party’s technical devices, including their source codes and databases;
  • not using the service to transfer malware, such as viruses, trojan horses, worms, etc.;
  • not using the service to accept or publish or provide harmful content, such as content in breach of copyright, pirated copies of copyrighted works (such as CDs, DVDs, software), child pornography, etc.;
  • not using the service to send unsolicited commercial messages or other harmful or fraudulent content, data and information, such as SPAMs, unsolicited SMS messages, advertising and marketing messages, etc.;
  • not using the service to send legal commercial messages in the opt-in regime;
  • not using the service for activities the content of which is child pornography, supporting or promoting criminal activities, including terrorism and extremism, such as activities that include accepting, publishing, selling, linking, etc.;
  • not using the service for activities that constitute or could constitute an infraction, a crime or the preparation or attempt thereof that is punishable according to Provider’s national legal order, EU law, international law, including the User’s national legal order;
  • not using the service to dangerously persecute or threaten a third party.

Note: Abusing our VPN service without fulfill the rules list above will be subjected to send your VPN logs to authorties when there are law suits or security investigations related.